Facturae extensions for travel industry

Facturae is the official format of e-invoice adopted in Spain by the Public Administrations, and it is for free use. Facturae allows the definition of extensions to cover the specific needs of different industries in e-invoicing transactions.

STExtension (v1.6) is the standard set of extensions for the tourism sector developed by CCI (www.asociacioncci.es), the Ministry of Economy and Treasury and the Ministry of Industry and Trade (www.facturae.es), and CAVAL participants (www.caval.travel). Extensions can be inserted both at invoice line or at invoice header levels.

  • XML schema STExtension (v1.6) [XSD]
  • XSD navigation [HTML]
  • Description of schema fields [PDF]
  • Example 1: Use Case - Hotel:  [XML], invoice [JPG]
  • Example 2: Use Case - Rent-a-car:  [XML], invoice [JPG]
  • Example 3: Use Case - Nautical Services:  [XML], invoice [JPG]
  • Example 4: Use Case - Air Transport:  [XML], invoice [JPG]
  • Example 5: Use Case - ST+Voucher:  [XML], invoice [PDF]
  • Example 6: Use Case - ST+Multivoucher:  [XML], invoice [PDF]
  • Example 7: Use Case - ST+Multiservice:  [XML], invoice [PDF]
  • Java classes from the XML Schema (generated with JiBX[.RAR]

The development of the extension STExtension v1.6 has been co-funded by:
Plan Avanza  Govern de les Illes Balears

With collaboration of:
Centro de Cooperación Interbancaria