What is CAVAL?

CAVAL is an initiative that aims the development of an open standard for data interoperability in the travel and tourism industry.

About us

CAVAL initially was leaded by the public entity BIT Foundation and turisTEC, the technological cluster of IT companies for the tourism sector of the Balearic Islands, as a public-private joint effort to promote innovative projects for the tourism sector. After a brief transitory period, Busso will now become the project manager of the CAVAL specifications project and will be further developed by Busso & travel companies.

Organizational structure

The CAVAL organizational structure is divided in working groups (WG). Each working group develops the specifications for a specific subsector of the tourism value chain, and covers the data integration needs between different actors and their IT solutions, in the B2B (Business-to-Business) processes. The Interoperability Committee, WG0, apart from developing its own projects, is in charge of harmonizing and validating the technical specifications defined by the working groups, ensuring the interoperability among them.

Technical approach

The CAVAL specifications consist of a set of XML Schemas and WSDLs to develop SOAP-based Web Services.